Friday, August 3, 2007



When Clay was on AI he was under weight! Now that he has grown into his beautiful body, some people have the nerve to call him fat? (Please run to your nearest eye doctor…quickly!)

Quiana, Clay’s backup singer and “friend”, was supposed to have received a letter stating Clay was now fat. Unbelievable!!! (Plus who would give their friend a hurtful letter like the one described below?)

_________Reported by Kelly4Clay___________

Let's talk about the "letter". Quiana had a letter from a "fan", and Clay read it on stage to the audience. Clay could hardly read it because he was laughing so hard. But this is what the letter basically said..."Dear Quiana, at ClackUnlimited, we watch videos of a very hot and sexy man. Where did he go? What happened to him? Clay's fans sacrifice so much for Clay.... why can't he sacrifice macaroni and cheese and Krispy Kremes?"Like I said, Clay was splitting a gut when reading this letter, but then he kept making sad faces (in a joking way) and saying that he was old and fat. What is wrong with some of Clay's fans?!?! UnbelievableAngela's and Quiana's - Kelly4Clay.

Clay is not fat, but he may want to reconsider his “friend”, Quiana, after reading this report below.

____Reported by the New England Journal of Medicine –by AP___

Your friends may be more important than your genes in determining whether you gain weight. The study, published in today's New England Journal of Medicine, found that a person's chances of becoming obese went up 57 percent if a friend became obese, 40 percent if a sibling did and 37 percent if a spouse did.
The stronger the friendship, the tighter the link: When two people each name the other as a close friend, and one of the two becomes obese, the other's chance of following suit goes up 171 percent.

Of course some “fans” think they own Clay because the “spend more money” and are huge FAMEHOORES. Therefore, they are Clay’s Biggest Fans… in the below recap.

______________Recap by Krewerider__________________

I see references to boas and feathers flying. I’ll go ahead and out us…the Louisiana Claymates were at Houston and we had our Mardi Gras boas on, as usual (not "circus-y" at all....thank you very much)! We try to remind him that there IS a Louisiana and we do love him! But we were very well behaved....he called "the Mardi Gras Krew" as he called us, to go after the flashers. HE asked us to stand up, (what are you gonna do when the man ask you that?) and asked for the spotlight to be put on us. And even when I had something to say, I raised my hand first (he said it wasn’t the 3rd grade and I didn’t need to raise my hand.) We never disrupted any of his songs and never have at any other shows.The MG boas have been around awhile. We first wore them at the JBT in Valdolsta. We’ve been scattered all over venues with those things. However, it is the first time so many of us were able to sit together and some may have seen the “full effect” for the first time!And as far as the “I spend a gazillion dollars to see Clay”…yada, yada, yada....we’ll match anyone dollar for dollar! We have to spend money, the man never comes to Louisiana! Krewerider


Pure fantasy, see the video for the facts on what truly happen that night. But I love NZClay responds below….

______________Responds by NZClay_______________

And as far as the “I spend a gazillion dollars to see Clay”…yada, yada, yada....we’ll match anyone dollar for dollar! We have to spend money, the man never comes to Louisiana!

And I can double, triple, quadruple or even more than that - I'm coming from halfway across the world in New Zealand, and others are coming from, Japan, Denmark, Iceland, Britain, Singapore - among others. We really DO spend gazillions of dollars to see Clay. And that's what we choose to do. But that doesn't mean we're coming to hear hecklers and obnoxious 'chatterers' and attention-seeking fans. We're coming to hear and see Clay. Because he NEVER comes to our countries. And if anyone spoils it for me my concert experiences, I'll be absolutely heartbroken...


So if you think you are Clay’s biggest fan just because you go to a lot of concerts and become obnoxious FAMEHOORES. Think again…..or maybe you ARE using the tape measure to validate your statement.

And so it goes….

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Boy! How Drunk Were These Ladies?

I was AMAZED at the review of the Clay Aiken Concert from DeepSouthGurrrl.
Her account is nothing near the truth. And she should check out

She must have had one tooooo many to write this fantasy!

Houston, TX July 6, 2007
DeepSouthGurrl Clay's tacky woman

I'm going to somehow try to write a coherent summary of my concert experience.I had dead center second row seats. At the most Clay was six to eight feet in front of me. When he sat on his stool...this is the truth...y'all know I would never exaggerate....I had to look up from his feet to between his legs..we'll stop here and take a moment (there was this rather large brad/rivet right at the base of his zipper that would sparke like a diamond when the light hit it...and that was like everytime he sat down...I had to would have, too.)...then up his torso finally to his beautiful gorgeous face. There were twelve of us from Louisiana but only six of us on that row. The rest were scattered. We had our boas on...which he couldn't help but notice and did. Long before he mentioned them to the audience he smiled very knwingly at us. The phone call was NOT me...I'm sorry. But, the girl who's phone he took was a perfect choice. She loves and adores Clay but had NEVER seen him in any concert...none. So here she ends up on second row, he takes her phone and sings to her granddaughter, and then compliments her by saying she couldn't be a grandmother. She was the driver that Gaymarie and I went to Houston with....a silver mustang convertible, at that. We were stylin', honey. After the intermission, ( he told us all to pee quick) he said that there was this group of ladies in Mardi Gras boas...for us to stand up and put the light on us. He chatted with us but I can't remember what he said then. Later he asked us if we were all married. I told him yes, all but Gaymarie. He then went to her and asked if she was married...she told him not anymore. He wanted to know if it was since she was going to his concerts. He said he didn't know how any man would leave us...we are all so lively. Again later he bent over to me and did that wiggly finger thing he does, pointed to my boa and said, "Give me that." I sure hope someone got, if nothing else, that on video. Man, Clay wiggling his fingers and saying "Give me that." Anything, Master, anything...or anything else? He then holds it, fondles it, drapes it around his neck and realizes mine is is. It's one that Gay and I cut in half in Jacksonville for the Christmas concert. We wanted that same one on. He wanted to know why mine was short...I told him they are very hot....which they are. Gay told him she had the other half. He said that's what Claymates do...they share. He returned it to me then. A few minutes later he again came to us and asked if we were going to Tulsa ...Gay and I told him no we wouldn't see him until California. He said ...y'all need to come to Tulsa. We didn't tell time and besides who can think good when he's chatting and looking right at you with the green lasers......well, give us some good tickets and we'll find away to get there. As we were leaving the concert, no joke, I felt a little bit like a celebrity. I had people I didn't know asking to have their picture taken with me. Others only wanted to pet the boa, some wanted to smell it. Two ladies wanted a picture with it. Poor boa is looking a little "used" today and may have to be retired. She's wrapped in tissue paper and sealed in a ziplock bag. I'll have to decide if she'll make any more trips or not. Ah, such good times. Clay Aiken came into my life and made it such a fun and wonderful thing. I have twenty four days until Gay and I join up with my dear friends Lurker Anne and Kim in Ca. We'll do all four there. I don't have near as good seats in San Diego or Pala. Maybe we'll do okay in Indie because we bought the Fantasy package deal but won't know until we get there. The Greek tickets maaaaaaaaay be good. I won't know until I get to the venue and pick them up in Will Call. All I've been told is they are very good. I have discovered since doing Clay Aiken...our opinion of "very good" and venue employees' opinions of "very good" can vary considerably. Okay, I'm sure you are all quite tired of this epistle. I didn't intend to write a's just kind of hard to quit talking about it. I DO, IN FACT, LOVE CLAY AIKEN WITH ALL MY HEART.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Houston, We have a problem...


Everything I have is for Clay Aiken. He has a voice of an Angel!

But some of his "Claymates" are a little rowdy.

If you plan to go to any of his concerts beware of the ones that dress like clowns and have blinking lights.
Not only are they a little "enthusiastic" (because they had a little bit too much to drink), but they are deadly when they hit you because they are in there own world.

Sadly no one in the clown group realized how rude they were, in fact they spin a different fastasy tale of being called upon by Clay and to STOP the whole concert just because they are FAMEHORES.

Hello, there were 2,800 people there at the concert that KNOW the truth! Really!

But they would never know it because some did not wake up out of their "fog" until the next day when the bottle was empty.

And so it goes......